Friday, February 10, 2012

Yes, fabrics talk.....

How will it be if fabrics spoke.....will they be telling each other they don't find themselves pretty?? Imagine a drawing room curtain telling the one in the bedroom....ha.. look they have chosen me in silk and you in satin or oh I wish the purple flowers on me were yellow.
If you find this thought funny, then i don't because, that is what they do to me speak..... that's the reason i am able to ensure that the pink will look pretty on a grey or not or should i do zari or thread embroidery work on a fabric or block prints would look just too perfect to match with those beige jute curtains.
The katha work is not just perfect for a bed cover it can be twisted into to a perfect bench or Ottoman or a chick bag, looking as perfect as ever.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Y is the world so plain

Sometime when i look at the sky, i think why isn’t it polka doted or may be hand printed with pink, how will zari thread look on the tree leaves or what if some roses had dabka finishing. I wish, I can fabricate the world in my own designs. But then i thank god for keeping them as they are and making them an inspiration for us to print paisleys, run a grape wine, or getting a crab design on silk, satin, cottons, linen, brocade & the list is unlimited. Fabrics are not just cloth pieces, they are a part of nature that can be fabricated to perfection in our own ways.....That is my inspiration, i just don’t want to fabricate cloth but houses of some beautiful wives, loving husbands, caring moms, tough dads, naughty kids, brothers and sisters...... We at our store "Opulence" do not create interiors for your homes but an inspiration for a happier life. .......look at this space for more about us, about we making your home a dream home.